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  Issued by the College of Education, Ibn- Rushd scientific journal entitled (Journal of professor ) , it was the first version of her in 1952 . In the beginning was the teachers house high exports Journal on behalf of ( the voice of Casablanca ) every three months , dealing with scientific and literary researches, especially Arab and Islamic civilization , and contributes to edit some professors colleges according to their specialty to be the definition of tool between educational circles in the Arab country and abroad .


1. Journal Name :                             AL-USTATH (Professor) 
2. The specialization of journal :     Humanities
3. publisher :                                      College of Education / Ibn Rushd Human Sciences
4. Website :                                        www.alustathiq.com
5. E -mail :   Smartermail       alustath.journal@ircoedu.uobaghdad.edu. iq    
                      ifo.                         info@alustathiq.com                                Gmail                     Alustath1952@gmail.com  
6. Prof.Dr. Huda Abbas Qanbar            …   Chief Editor
7. ASS. Prof. Dr. Nima Dahash Farhan   Editorial Director            
8. Ms.Jinan Mohammed Suleiman           Planned Journal
9. Mr. Malik Saad al-Darraji                   Administrator  of printing and Academic Website
 10. Year of Published :                             1952
11. Published type:                            Quarterly every three months.
12. Achievements Journal  :             Research to professors version upgrades.
13. Awards by winning Journal  :   A certificate of appreciation from the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research On  2009  and 2014.
14. Publishing language :                  All languages in addition to Arabic
15. Distribution range  :                    Baghdad- Iraq
16. Using scientific arbitration (Research evaluation) : by professors specialists
17. Source  of funding:                      Resume
18. No. Deposit in Library and Archives (National Library) : Baghdad No. 320 in 1980
19. ISSN :                                  P.      0552- 265X
                                           Online    2518 - 9263  





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