Instruction to Authors


Publishing Conditions and  Rules in the Journal (Al-Ustath) College of Education - Ibn Rushd, University of Baghdad

   Al-Ustath Journal is pleased to announce to the researchers to publish their articles/paper in human sciences (Education Sciences , Psychology , History , Geography , English Language , Arabic Language , Kurdish Language , Islamic Sciences  ) according to the following conditions:

1.     The research should be characterized by originality and novelty and of great scientific and cognitive value and integrity of language and accurate documentation.

2.     It should not be a part of an earlier published research or thesis and researcher to make a declaration in writing not to publish research or presentation for publication in another journal.

3.     A brief scientific biography of the researcher should be attached and include full name of the researcher and scientific rank and university and college and his department and the most important works authorized.

4.The first page of the search features :

A. Research title in Arabic.

B. Researcher name in Arabic and his scientific rank.

C. e-mail Address.

D.Two abstracts in Arabic and English. One should be at the beginning of the research and the other at the end of the research with font size (12).

E. key words should appear below the abstract.


5.     To be printed on the computer system (office Word2007 Or 2010) on a CD - ROM (CD) In the form of only one file (i.e. should not be installed in more than a file on disk) and provide the editorial board three hard copies and set fees or forms, if any, in place of the search, to be technically valid for printing.

6.     The number of pages are not more than (25) twenty - five pages of size (A4). .

7.     The researcher is obliged to pay the specified amount and publishing fees (100,000) one hundred thousand dinars from the college and (1250000) One hundred and twenty - five thousand dinars from outside the college and ($150) dollars from outside the country.

8.     The research should be free of stylistic errors .

9.  The research lines and sizes should be as follows :

A. Arabic: Font style (Arabic Simplified) The font size (14).

B. English: Font style (Times New Roman) research titles font size (16), abstracts (12) and the paragraphs of the other search; font size (14).

10.      Footnotes and endnotes should be font size 12.

11. Single space is used in writing the research.  Both Sides distance should be (2.54) cm .

12. In using the program of Quranic verses, the researcher holds the responsibility of the emergence of these blessed verses properly. Otherwise, the best copies of the Koran are available on the Internet.

13The researcher will be notified about   the decision of the publishing validity whether or not in a period not exceeding two months from the date of his arrival to the editorial board.

14. Researchers are committed to reconsider all the required corrections to his/her research according to reports sent to him and to provide a copy of the magazine modified in a period not exceeding (15) fifteen days .

15. Researchers do not have the right to ask for all the requirements of the research one year after the date of publication.

16. Research are not returned back to their ownerswhether accepted or not.

17. Integration of research sources and margins at one address are written at the end of the search, with the writing of the source information when presented for the first time.

18. The research is sent to three experts for evaluation to demonstrate the suitability for publishing.

19.  Graduate students should bring the approval of their supervisors in accordance with the model adopted in the journal.

20. Researcher gets one copy of the published research. If the researcher wants to buy a copy of the magazine, it will cost (20) thousand   Dinars from inside the country and $25 dollars from outside.

21.  The research published in the journal reflect their writer’s opinions but not the journal.

22. The magazine does not publish research violate the prevailing conditions of the journal.




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