On The Impact of Cultural reference in BBC`s Business Articles


M. May Salih Abu Joloud

Business texts are included within the informative texts which are the texts whose primary goal is to provide information. They usually include explanations, descriptions, analysis and expository details and examples. The research focuses on the business reports provided by the BBC. The business service in the BBC provides a complete coverage of the market data, economy, companies, technology of business and the entrepreneurship. In this research business reports have been chosen to examine the employment of cultural concepts and the impact a definite culture may have within the frame of highly informative texts; i.e. the business texts. This research is concerned with (business journalism) which covers news and features articles about people, places, and issues related to business. Business journalists may also cover processes, trends, consequences, and important people. The use of cultural concepts in business reports is not one of the main features of the language of business, but it is much related to the traits of journalism with its main goal of capturing the reader`s attention. what the research seeks is the impact of such use of cultural concepts on the understanding of business information.

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