Sibling Relationships As Depicted In Sam Shepard’s Play True West


Assistant Professor Dr. Najdat Kadhim Moosa Assistant Instructor. Zainab Ismat Safa Eldeen

Sam Shepard (1943- ) is one of the most prominent modern American playwrights. Up till now he has written almost 50 plays. He has gained a reputation as one of America's foremost living playwrights. His works have found deep spirit in the nation’s cultural imagination as he has spoken in a convincing way to American theatre audience. The family relationship is one of the American myths. Besides, Fathers escaping to another land, brothers fighting brothers and mothers as off-stage voices or oppressive presences are some of the themes dealt with in modern American plays. This study deals with sibling relationships as depicted in Sam Shepard’s play True West. This play is concerned with two brothers who strive to understand each other but they represent totally contrast types, so the play ends with a never-ending conflict. The absence of the father, and the partial absence of the mother, besides the continuous struggle and misunderstanding of the two brothers show the broken or weak relationships between them.

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