Investigating Iraqi EFL Intermediate School Teachers' Perceptions toward Using Language Games for Learning English


Assistant Instructor: Nisreen Kadhim Khudhair

One useful strategy to encourage learning a foreign language is using language games .Using games in language learning is not restricted to any classroom size. Employing games is beneficial for all students since it helps them to view the language as a living means of communication, enables them to try and use it without the feeling of being assessed according to their language skills and at the same time learn useful parts of the language and reinforce knowledge they have already gained. The study aims at investigating Iraqi EFL intermediate school teachers' perceptions toward using language games for learning English. To fulfill the aim of the present study, a sample of (85) EFL intermediate school teachers taken randomly from different schools . To achieve the aim of the study , teachers' questionnaire consists of (43) items is applied as instruments .From the analysis of the data, a t-test analysis shows a statistically significant difference according to teacher perceptions toward using language game. It is recommended to use games since they are very effective especially for the intermediate school and games are helpful for the teacher as a procedure for learning language .

Search Language: English

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