Domino, novel steganography system


Nadia mohammed Abdulmajeed

Primary objective of the proposed system is to achieve higher level of confidentiality in absence of standard encryption techniques which add up to complexity of the stego system. In this system the principle of dominoes is adopted in the way of the selection of the pixel of the image to hide the ciphertext. Where domino stones models are prepared in advance, which are two-dimensional matrices (2*6), and selecting one of them and start the projection of the model on the image and hide the ciphertext in the pixel corresponding to the points in the domino model Experimental results show that the proposed system effectively achieve the objective. Even though the proposed system gives good enhancement to the steganoraphy technique and there is no difference between the cover-image and the stego-image can be seen by the human vision system (HVS), so this method can be considered as a success and can be adopted in the field of steganography. Keywords: steganography, embedding, extracting, domino.

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