Artistic Structure in Jaleel Al-Qaisi's Plays: Evening Graveyard as a Case Study


Kwestan Najmuddin Enja

Search got up on the technical construction of the theater, which define the body integrated text itself, which consists of clear elements a special arrangement, according to special rules to certain influential happening in the same scenes. I have chosen the famous author (Jalil al-Qaisi) to search for artistic construction in the play ( In The Evening Cemetery ) a model. After the piece I talked about the concept of the building the theater and give a brief on then analyzed characteristics theatrical (man and woman) technically, aesthetic and focused my care at this point on the social aspect of the tow characters, the spectrum because realistic plays focus on the realistic side. To embody us in which a model of a human being who lives of the wishes and needs and the struggle for all these things.In addition to all the sense in the case of the mental disorder for each of the tow characters (man and woman). It must be the language of these tow figures high in the dialogue may be used by the writer (al-Qaisi) in order to reverse the culture of the tow characters. He focused on the structure of the dialogue including (question, answer, monologue, repetition and rhetorical images) to reflect through all of this technically and aesthetic characters in his play. In addition, the writer shows his superiority interest in language and expression of the case and the idea theatrical in an easy manner…

Search Language: Arabic

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