Alginieloggio using deductive approach in the interpretation of religious texts


Mr. Abid Ali Sfyeh

The question of the interpretation of the sacred texts is generally summarized in the thesis “all is interpretation”. This passage must be contextualized to know of which type of interpretation it acts. interpretation must attempt to discover the true direction and not to reveal a truth. the coran with an external appearance and a depth hidden. A direction exoteric " to tafsir " and an esoteric direction " ta' wil ". To discover hidden direction, I used the means of research the Genealogy. The Genealogy means " list of the member of a family establishing a filiation ". May h here means to find the face hidden of the text. The Genealogy does not stop with p problem finding origins with values morals, but finding before the demonstration. I took as sample or a " example; birth of Shiism " , then I applied the Genealogy to s study this so complex historical event, and I got results original.

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