Abstract of the Research Receive theory and aesthetics of Performance and application endoscopy


Assistant Professor Dr. Ansam Mohammed Rashid

Goes our search to make reading the receive theory and begin to enter into dialogue with them and discuss the details since its beginnings and the accountability of the philosophical and practical steps would also like that our research provides and analysis of the textual experience poet Mohammed Maghout one of the Pioneers of Arabic prose poem of our belief Textual analysis of the poem the poet and down to reveal cash fact associated with one of the most important cash curriculum postmodern. Which restored the Prestige of the recipient and the creative and focused on making material innovation provided to the recipient of the same receiver did not stop in front of inconclusive end to it Valthalil and Monetary open courtyard of the critic and the recipient of the poem diverse and creative works. Find the oretical and applied to gether and did not lose sight of detail in what it says founding curriculum (Lyawas and WISER) Pole Constance German School and the separation of their theory of the American reception and we have found that the Prose style of writing poetic Arabic new and Problematic and the need for testing we chose the receiving theory so in furtherance of the destination of the cash we look.

Search Language: Arabic

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