Identity Crisis in the critical discour


Assist . prof Dr. Hassan Salim Hindy

The challenge facing our nation at the level of identity and privacy of the most dangerous forms of the challenge and the most lethal in the entity of the nation, and it seems this fresh in the social, political and economic aspects illustrated at its peak in the intellectual, literary and cultural aspects, and tools responsible for evaluating namely Monetary who is suffering from a crisis of identity and belonging .otbdo the features of this crisis in several directions: those related to the impact of doctrines expatriate cash and curricula that are not consistent in its premises and perceptions and ideas with the nature of Arab literature and privacy, including with regard to the language of criticism itself transformed by the translator and the tendency philosophical to another crisis transformation without understanding the critical texts , with which it has complete chaos on the level of use of terms and localization adding new problematic and other crisis. This comes in the whole framework of the unclear position of heritage in general and monetary Heritage in particular.

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