Iraq's Educated Elite Plight of Alienation and Marginalization


Asst.Prof. Mazin Marsool Mohemmed

When a group in the community is classified as elite educated, meaning that there are foundations awarded through which this group as such, because they will control the reality and destiny of this community, they are the compass that will go by individuals as elite graduate as a reference carrying the grotesque craggy melody preponderance of mind and insight and vision needed the course of life, so the hopes pinned on the urgent imperatives of these elites in the delivery of and put it in a bank here to safety. But when they go sour these elites and become weak in thoroughbreds its components through which remain march of this society, then are these missed compass success and lost triggers labeled as elite and deviated from the leadership is serious for this community, and that is what has happened in the elite Iraqi intelligentsia, which refers to him things to different images of rupture and rivalries and rifts plaguing chose these elites, society loses confidence in those who entrusted him with the care of the governing authority tasks, especially if the final was practiced dictatorship abhorrent to people. Key words: elite, educated , crises, alienation.


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