The Narrative of terrorism and accountability of reality in a novel (Cue and river dance) / semiotics approach


Dr. Mohammed Qasim Luaibi

It seems to be stopping at the speech the novelist relationship in Iraq actually issues, particularly the issue of terrorism, within the framework of an approach Metn novelist, and try to understand the relationship of terrorism literature and its impact on the narrative text, as we seek to answer the central question follows: How can express the issue of terrorism through text novelist? The search in the phenomenon of terrorism and its relationship with the novelist discourse leads us to extrapolate the texts that has been associated with emergence stage emergence of terrorism in the Iraqi society, because what is recorded by these texts represents Smata task of this phase, as well as they record the position of the writer and his sense about what is going on. And we were selected for the novel (belts and river dance) for the fulfillment of Abdul Razzaq to be a code of our research, which coincided issued with what Iraq is witnessing terrorist events, to derive drew on the fact, in an attempt to impeach actually touching the pressing their issues, cross-questioning novelist text and on according to data approach semiotic.


Search Language: Arabic


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