Dispensing in the buildings of the multitude and the multitude In the Quran between rejection and acceptance


Prof.Dr. Sajida Mazban Hassan

The morphological study has witnessed a great interest and importance since it is considered as the perfect scale for words connotations and criteria. This study deals with part of plural structures ( Al Qila and Al kithra plural structures) in Holy Quran. In this concern, some writers suggest using Al Kithra instead of Al Qila, and Al Qila instead of Al Kithra, or as they suggest (this plural structure cannot be standardized) or (the standard plural structure is something else), or in some plural examples (these structures have the replaceability of positions), or (the standard structure can be pluralized as such).In this way, the writers disregard the fact that plural structures in Holy Quran have power and grandeur that appeared in the words and their contexts. According to this, it is unacceptable to say that this type of plural structure can be replaced by that! If they only look deeper in Al Quran structures, they would find what they need to know; but instead they have followed their own justifications and ideas.


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