Colour in Abdulla groans poem


Dr.Mohammed Ahmed Saeed

There is no doubt that colour, whose source is nature,with all its types is always before the eyes of humans.In our daily life,it has been treated in terms of vision and sight.Among thr languages,according to their iteraction and features,colours have been represented in different ways.Or they have been nemed according to their images.types of formation.That is why colour is considered as one of the semantic domains of lanuages These effects, visions and semantic images have made humans deal with colour and be affected with it and make use of it in speaking ,view points and different dimentions.Poetry is litrary subject expressed using language and colour has its own semantic domain in the language consequently,colour has its own status in literature-poetry.Among the Kurdish poets,we can see that Goran,as an outs banding poet of Kurdish literature whose poems are equal to the worlds famous poems,is a rare figure who could enrich the Kurdish lexicon with new words and vocabulary i.e pure Kurdish words. He also formed the unity of form and content.Despite those invention, critivity and innoration of Kurdish poetry, Goran also made another contriution to develop Kurdish literature which was his way of treating colour and its utilizing in his poems. Unlike his predecessors,he used colour for description.This invention led to write this research whose content is mainly ageneral statistic of the colour used in Gorans' poems,types and styles of colours .This research is also about utilizing of all colours and their effects on the poet and the way of treating it.No doubt,Goran has used colour about (306)times each one in its appropriate place and presented their beauty within poetic images.

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