The Effect of Using Discrimination Strategy on the Achievement of Intermediate First Grade Students in History


Instructor Dr. Samiera Mahmoud Hussein

The aim of current study is to investigate the effect of education strategy differentiated in the collection of material history with students first grade average, and to verify the goal of the research and thesis was selected sample of students of the first grade average in the secondary most trustworthy handhold of the General Directorate for Educational Diyala, were selected divisions of the first grade average pilot and officer. The sample of research (60) students and by (30) students in the experimental group and 30 students in the control group, and conducted a researcher between the two evenly matched in the variables (chronological age measured in months, intelligence, test me in the collection), prepared researcher kits search terms select the subject and the formulation of behavioral objectives, and preparing lesson plans for both groups and presented to a group of experts and in the light of the observations were made appropriate adjustments, and the researcher used appropriate statistical methods, in light of the results to the researcher reached the following conclusions: 1. The ability of teaching prepared according to the strategy of differentiated education to raise the level of achievement for students of the experimental group versus the control group. 2. Teaching history using a strategy of differentiated education students make the focus of the educational process. 3. Use of differentiated education strategy is better than the usual way to raise achievement

Search Language: Arabic

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