Reality of Family Patterns Abuse as Perceived by the Adolescence in Their Childhood Stage


Asst. Prof. Dr. Rana Zuhair Fadhil Dr. Thenaa Abdulhafedh

Current research aims to know the reality of patterns of family abuse, as perceived by teenagers in their childhood phase, as well as know the significance differences in the level of patterns of family abuse, according to the city of Baghdad areas (Mansour, Yarmouk, Adhamiya, alshoula, Sadr City) have included a sample search Students of Stage secondary who are the ranks of the fourth, fifth and sixth branches of (scientific and literary) of (266) students, were selected randomly by (8) schools located within the four directorates of Education in Karkh and Rusafa has collected research data through the application of family abuse, drawn up by researchers measure by (63) paragraph, distributed according to three modes, namely: the pattern of physical abuse, the pattern of offending the moral, as well as a pattern of verbal abuse. The researchers have made some recommendations and proposals

Search Language: Arabic

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