The Psychological Stress And The Relationship To Hardness Psychological Among The Students Of The College Of Arts


Assistant Lecturer. Hanan Hussein Naamaa

The study aimed to identify the psychological stress and its relationship to hardness psychological among the students of the Faculty of Arts / Mustansiriya University has used the researcher descriptive approach and reached the study sample (350) students, representing about 10% of the study population (3380) students from all sections. The researcher used the first two scales to measure the the psychological stress and the second measure of psychological hardness Ma'dan advance. Has been verified validtiy (virtual, and construction) and reliability for both the use of tools (re-testing, and internal consistency Alfa kronbach).The study came to the following findings: - The level of psychological stress among students was (113.95) and this indicates a low level compared with the central premise of (120), although the level of hardness their psychological (94.506), a high level indicates that the enjoyment of the sample rigidity psychological compared with the middle premise of (82).And the study showed a lack of statistically significant differences between students in the level of psychological stress due to the variable sex and grade, either in hardness psychological, the results show the presence of statistically significant differences between students in the level of hardness psychological attributed to sex in favor of females and the lack of effect of variable grade, the study also demonstrated the presence of traces of the interaction (sex and grade) in the variables of psychological stress and psychological hardness of the students, as the results indicated the presence of a negative correlation between psychological stress and psychological hardness.

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