Cartographic Optimal Method to Assess the Reality of Educational Service to the City of Samarra Using Geographic Information Systems GIS


Asst.Prof Makki Gaze Abd Latif Al-Mihimdi Ph.D

The study seeks to follow the style Cartographer optimization in the evaluation of the reality of educational services in the city of Samarra. Which is the most important indicators that are measured by the spatial development in any area by offering a vision of a survey realistic and give thoughtful predictions for the future growth of service and try to extrapolate the elements of the imbalance in the spatial distribution of geographical through use modern and sophisticated and accurate methods of reductive "time and effort, which has long been an obstacle spatial development. And have advanced spatial analysis tools provided by technology Geographic Information Systems (GIS) use of the information field survey for school sites used by the GPS device The study of two methods statisticians are the style of the standard deviation and style closest neighbor and the study concluded that there is a defect in the spatial distribution of all educational services with the exception of primary education was acceptable. The study also "that the accumulated distribution has been denied many of the neighborhoods of the service as the distribution was not thoughtful of where the results of the neighbor closest to the presumption of service and future predictions I pointed out that the city betterment areal need extra services , especially " in the new eastern neighborhoods of the city

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