The Political Role of the New Military Ruling Class after the Reign of Thutmose III of the Empire of Ancient Egypt


Dr.Layth Khaleel Khalaf Al -Salmani

Egypt was not so much concerned with its neighbors of the nations and peoples, particularly with regard to peoples that were beyond the northeastern border. This indifference remained standing during the era (the old state) and (Central) State. But this situation has changed a lot in the era of (modern state) during the second half of the second millennium BC. The experience of the Hyksosin land of Egypt, and the humiliation of its people, a very painful and traumatic experience on the Egyptians, it has taught them a lesson they won't forget it following their next history, after having liberated the country from these invaders. Egyptians feel the danger inherent in these pastoral tribes which organized themselves and settled in some parts of Syria and Palestine, and that was threatening the eastern border of Egypt from time to time. This threat alone was enough to force Teaba Pharaohs, kings of the Eighteenth Dynasty, to re-examine all military and administrative systems that existed in Egypt until that time and then emerged with new liberal ideas, depending on those ideas, the basis of the system of government in that period have been established. The new masters of war of the sons and grandsons of princes' warriors who led the bones war of liberation have embraced a new principle. Crystallized in one major objective, which is directing most of the state's resources to starch and organize a strong army with all standards, strongest military armies that have emerged in the history of the whole world. This army was subject to a central authority which is the authority of the pharaoh hand his will, a (divine right) of the king, according to the system of government that prevailed in Egypt at that time. One of the most important strategic objectives of the army, Egyptian re-control over the land of Kush(Nubia), which lies beyond the borders of southern Egypt. The political role of the new military class after the reign of Thutmose III had a big role in this regard

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