Public Services in the Kingdom of ?Granada


Prof. Muthan Fulaifil Salman (Ph.D) Asst.Instructor Hamsa Salih Abdulqadir

Andalusian studies lacked a study on public services in the Kingdom of ‎Granada, which can be called the name of "Minor Andalus", after the ‎Andalusian cities fell one after the other, especially over a period of ‎denominations states, marked by discord among themselves, which helped ‎the other party (Christians) from the investment of these conflicts to restore ‎some of the Andalusian cities, which soon returned to it after the entry ‎Marabouts.‎ Thus, the case has become Andalusia between the receding tide, and the ‎impact that we have launched the Kingdom of Granada, which has been ‎standing alone in front of all the invasions coming from Christians in the name ‎of "Minor Andalus", which has spilled over its steadfastness for the period (629-‎AD).‎ Such steadfastness must stand behind a lot of factors in various aspects of ‎political, economic and social, in the sense all the factors of growth and the ‎continuation of Islamic civilization in which, it is inevitable that public services ‎are one of those factors that are related to a degree and another aspects of the ‎aforementioned... from here came've marked‏ ‏‎"public services in the Kingdom ‎of Granada".‎‏ ‏As the survival of Andalusia Minor more than two centuries and a ‎half is proof paper services and the extent of their diversity and evolution, ‎survival of the person and the attachment to the land is linked to Islamic values ‎and ethics and so forth, it was necessary for the type and variety of services, ‎the impact of the stick, which lasted all that time, from here The study of this ‎subject, which included as much as it provided us with sources and references ‎that we saw and what compels us search terms formation of diverse services.‎

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