Theory of The history movement in Modern Islamic Thought multiform and unite of content


Dr.Hajir Dwayyir Hashoosh

These papers deal with the theory of history movement in the modern Islamic thought, I have been show it thought leading taxes in this thought I mean taxes of Mohamed Baqer Al-Sadir and Dr. Abdul Kareem Zeidan . I have explain element of his theory out of logic analyses and compare between them, and finally , I found six element which consist of this theory, as following: 1- AL-Sunnin and multidomatic. 2- AL-Sunnin :God creation. 3- AL-Sunna and Its law essence . 4- The Mothed and education of AL-Sunnin 5- Theory of AL-Sunnin : fixed necessary 6- AL-Sunnin and formularization Variety

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