In Farazdaq and Greer and Bashar Poetry


Assit. Prof. Abdul Muttalib Mahmood

Almost Find in poetry poets Umayyad: Farazdaq and Greer, is limited in many academic studies and research, on what was known them from exchange Alohadjiy in the so-called (opposites), while most of these studies were limited research that dealt with the poetry of veteran Umayyad - Abbasi Bashar ibn Burd to try to show aspects of benefit poet Seer of comparisons sighted, in its purposes poetic key contained in the massive his office, spinning and praise and spelling, without being given the purpose of many of poetry and art branched out for poetic purposes major known, Mbthoth in the texts of these three poets, only scratched the extent of interest, but not to pay attention to it often. In research this attempt I could stop across it on purpose (description), and specifically on the disparity quantitative first in the description of the boats and ships in the notification of the three poets, because the purpose of Anbut offer in their texts that were popping through my purpose Kin and praise at all, but a sub-purpose seemed interesting research, for by his grandmother and the findings of which, on the other hand

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