Textual Culturing in Ibn Al-Labana Al-Dany’s Poetry (527 B.C -1113A.D)


Asst.Prof. Hussein Mageed Rustam Al-Husoona

Acculturation concept widely forked significance, cannot determine the meaning terminological exact dimensions Alavhammeh specifically totally entertained , and it seems that this stems from the nature of the same culture definition in general , and the disorder linguistic root based on the difference cognitive , and linguistic and semantic , and divergence of views among scholars , researchers and literary critics about it, but from some Mahmullac Tags for root linguistic culture ( Educate ) conforms to the meaning of give-and- nail , and perception , and the Wiz , and understanding , and learning, which suggests the sense of acculturation of linguistic and cognitive point of view, and match this to guess semantic with the Western sense of the culture (Culture) evidencing the culture or culture , and the development of mental abilities based on what came Encyclopedia of British knowledge Text Blog verbal happen in time and place certain goal to communicate and Interestingness impact and transfer the experiences of others and Mkamenhm emotional can be configured Bamolq and cloning closed by lock called biblical iconography Her beginning and the end, and generative because it is not pop out of nowhere or Nabta diabolical but it is a-generated events that breed with other events .Any text that is born through conversion Semantic any. Conversion guide one to several signs and vice versa, which is linked to the productive capacity of the text Vigdo so the scene of Toldat of images and different patterns of significance, is born president has, and the march Altdalal. is defined by the nature of its relations with the virtual and hidden with other texts that are involved in creating the text as ((integrated organization drafting a complex tangle of installation it is a network of overlapping diets and levels of editorial and systemic involves numbering glitter ... and realize the multiplicity of the same meaning)).

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