Iraqi Contemporary Language of Poetry: Nineties as a Model


Alaa Muhammad Lazem.D Asst. Prof. D. Yahia Walie Fattah

Poetic language is the only a movement based mostly on the stereotypes and pugnacity what is prevalent in the language communicative by eluding and escape from him towards the level of performance of works on raising the effectiveness of the speech and poetic Anashha a lot of surprises and variations in say poetic ; So whatever ventured poet order behind the new technology , no matter what type of Ajthadath performance , the poem remains a creative effort embodied in the language first , and which seeks to demonstrate the usefulness and vitality of a second. The turnaround grand poem nineties embodied in it restored the poem to the Kingdom of hair after that has been lost in the paths of formality purely by Althmanyen dropping more open to the lattice actually fashionable and idler margin after it abandoned tower (Teleological language) and (the absence of meaning), which characterized them poem eighties . This study aims to identify the most prominent benchmarks key that is characterized by the language of poetry Altsaina level compositional and visibility and detection charms aesthetic embodied in Artaadha new areas mission did not pay attention to it before and did not mean the Iraqi poet previously as not involving any poetry by perspective poetic traditional.

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