The Challenges that Face the Arab Home Land In The twentieth century .. A Predictive study


Dr. Muhammad Abdul Majeed Abdul Baqi

Enjoy the Arab world potential human and material is enormous, in addition to the strategic location qualify him to play a leading role in the contemporary international system, at a time has the Fed several Arab countries a huge stock of oil is accounted for (45%) of the global stock of this wealth, and reaches the value of investment Arabic external to the ( 1400 Billion $). A number of Arab backwardness of scientific, cultural, social and weigh the debt burden of a number of other Arab countries, with an estimated total debt Arab in 2006, about (800 billion $). In this paper we will review the challenges facing the Arab world countries, which are many and serious, as a part of Geopolitics is designed to examine the elements of strength and weakness in the construction of Arab States, therefore embarked study to discuss and diagnose phenomena geopolitical and down to determine effective solutions to insure that the Arab world a bright future among the nations of the earth through the debate and simulate minds and purpose solutions according to in-depth understanding of the problems of political and tracks the economic and its social. Through study of the challenge of civilization faced by the Arabs and the crisis of Arab identity in a changing world and a and renewed and discussed issues of development and underdevelopment in the Arab world , then the implications of the new international order on the Geopolitical realities Arab, and finally challenge the Zionist, which is (motivation contrast). The sustainability of the Arab nation and the loss or fragmentation of identity in a globalized world , with other nations enjoy the distinct character of civilization , spread over continents of this planet.

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