Demographics of the Muslim minorities in the United States and indeed future prospects


dr.Mohamed Hamad Abdulateef Alani

The estimated number of Muslims in the Americas, including nearly four million Muslims .And includes the Muslim community in North America more than three million Muslims from more than two million of them of African descent. The estimated number of Muslims in South and Central America about 400 thousand Muslims. There are many Islamic organizations in the United States have significant activity , such as the Muslim Students Federation and the Union branches in most states, and this has helped in the establishment of the Union other associations such as the Union of Muslim Social Scientists . The Union of Concerned Scientists and engineers Muslims and the Federation of Muslim doctors. In addition to these unions there are numerous Islamic centers and associations. Perhaps the biggest problems facing the Muslim minorities in the United States , the problem of partisanship or fragmentation due to regional differences , which they carried with them from their homes , in addition to cluttering and lack of concentration in certain areas because of the breadth of the United States.

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