Cartographic analysis of the distribution of the population in Al-Amil district


A.P.Dr. Husam Sahib Al-tumma

The mapping of the human distributions big role in the analysis of quantitative aspects represented on the maps . Among the most prominent types of maps of human are maps of the population that help professionals in the geographic population to analyze geographic information , in order for this geographical analysis right had to be maps Representative by the population distribution and density is very accurate (and relying on satellite images ) to give the actual picture of the population. Among the most prominent methods used to represent the population maps conscious , my way of charts , and the spatial gradient , has been used in digital G.I.S software that was given so that the outputs of accurate maps showed points of concentration of population and density and growth . Through the analysis of maps of the population in the Amil district between censuses (1997-2009) m shows that the biggest number of residents in the locality ( 805 ) , and the growth rate was negative in the neighborhood except the locality ( 801 ) was credited , and recorded the highest population density in the neighborhood in the locality ( 813 ) amounted to more than 300 people / hectare while the actual density in this camp to the ( 368 ) p / h in 2009.

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