Esidents of the Cities of Iraq 1997-2009 Prof . Munther Abdel-Majid Al-Badria


Nada najeeb Salman

The study aims to highlight the urban population in Iraq for the period between the years 1997-2009. To achieve the objectives of the study, required to show three Detectives first one devoted to the study of urbanization trends in Iraq while eating II volumetric mattresses for Iraq's cities, and came in third section the geographical distribution of thirty major cities in Iraq. The study found among other conclusions, including the presence of 12 Iraqi city in 2009 exceeded the number of population of the urban 12%, as noted declining share of the province, which represents the capital was attended by the country in 2009, as demonstrated by the trends of the urban population it is less toward category volumetric first (5000 -10000) people in favor of the volumetric Category sacond and third, which is reflected in the forms of urban Ahram her. And that most of the provinces includes the city of one major, while popping three provinces with more than a city like Basra included (4) Cities and Nasiriyah (3) Cities and Mosul (3) cities, and finally "showed the geographical distribution of Iraq's cities and presence (19) major city in the alluvial plain and (5) major cities in the semi-mountainous region and (3) cities in the mountainous region whil the west dosert includ (2) majer cities .

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