The fact that the tattoo in terms of legitimacy and medical


Dr. Amenah Mahmoud shet

That God created man in the best stature and was filed instinct adornment and beautification , but Islam did not leave a free rein to these instincts , but tuned according to the rules of Islam and Islamic law . Although the motivation for taking this subject is opening up to the outside world and Ancharalvesad in the country and for the generation and abandon the customs and traditions , has been scientifically proven and legitimate that the tattoo several risks , including infection Pfyrus hepatitis and AIDS ... etc. . Among the most important results : The tattoo is not a recent phenomenon , but is an old phenomenon was prevalent in earlier civilizations , and a tattoo of a large role in the demolition of the values and behaviors , and this in turn affects all areas of life , whether it is health or physical, mental or moral . The most important recommendations : - Be on the lookout for this phenomenon and the statement of risks in all areas . - Scientists must show us that the phenomenon of tattoo is not an ornament, but is changing the creation of God, and that by holding seminars and courses . - Activating the role of institutions and educating young people the dangers of cross tattoo and modern means of communication and internet TV

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