The Science of Matching in Al-Mujadala Sura


Lec. Assist. Ahmed Rasheed Al-Azawi Lec. Dr. Hayfa'a Razzaq Nahi

This research tackles Almunasaba the science of matching in Al-Muajdala Sura. We showed the meaning of the Science of Matching, which is the branch of science that shows the interpretation of the connections among the verses and suras within the system of inimitable. The choice of the subjectivity in the social and domestic and legislative. The research proves that the term is one of the Quranic sciences which arranges the verses and the sauras. It tackles the aspects of the vocal suitability of the semantic in the Quranic rhetoric. The Almunasaba is an important pillar in the curricle of the interpretation of the verse. Both try to the construct the Book of Allah in which the unity of the Quranic suras are proved and the miracles nature. The researcher shows that the sura of Almujadala is like other suras in the holy Quran has been linked to the content and the essence with the theme of the Sura.

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