Names ( used for bribery) as One of the Most Important Reasons of Administrative Corruption


This paper consists of three sections , the first includes three issues : the meaning of what is used as brie like gift or bestowal , giving , fee , reward ,expenditures , tip , and the difference between bestowal and gift; and between bestowal and giving and what refers to these words which imply the meaning of the words used for bribery in the Holy Quran . The second section also includes the rules of what is paid in the synonymous names of bribery to raise oppression and the rules of gifts paid to officials and common people . The third section enfolds sayings of scientists in prohibiting what is paid as bribes to rulers , officials and so on , not devoting in accepting bribes and their effects in the administration of the state , prevention of the impacts of accepting bribes and their synonymous names.

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