The Two Accepted Female Narrators in Taqreeb Altahtheeb Mentioned in Alsaheehain (Critical Study)


Dr. Hasan Ali Mahmuod Alqayssi

Praise be to (Allah), and the best peace and prayers be to His honorable prophet (Mohammed) and upon whose followers and companions . Allah had supported this nation with witness to be as a means to maintain His Prophet Sunnah from corruption, substitution and any disgraceful thing, so the eldest scholars used to write down , keep and study them in a narrative, knowledge critical, and examining way. Thus I aimed in thus research to focus light on one aspect which Allah had saved the Prophet's Sunnah ; that is the men science, and I focus on one of its partial of its parts; that is the word "Accepted" for IBN HAJAR which is upon the female narrators whom are described with and mentioned in Alsaheehain . This research is divided in to a foreword and three sections and an end. In the foreword I mentioned the reason of choosing this title and its importance, while in the first section I introduced IBN HAJAR and his book "Altaqreeb" , while in the second section I introduced the rank "accepted" for IBN HAJAR and his condition upon it. The third section consists the practical application upon the Accepted female Narrators by applying a summarized study about their status and the scholar's opinion upon them, then I end the with an end in which I stated the main results of the research and the recommendation I concluded. I pray (Allah) to accept this work pure to His Face.

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