General meaning in the dictionary for words comparative analytical study of the Koran


M.d.hussam Kaddouri Abd al-Jubouri

The monitoring Researchers importance of tracking historical vocabulary, and its development, and growth; to see the assets and branches of them, the "stand on assets first semantics in Arabic requires Back to the image as it was those words in the beginning to use within its semantic one, and was symbolized by their votes, it indicates between speakers ". And looks great importance to the glossary comparative detection of the historical development of the Single within the scope of her family to which they belong, thus blocking the lexicon of comparative gap in the lexicon of a language one; being seen researchers unless made in a language one out walking across the generations, history and diverse cultures pregnant change, and influence mutual speaking in tongues by revealing the voice changes, morphological, and semantic that have taken place it on according to the culture of all belonged language need. Did not show another study combines vocabulary Quran in a dictionary comparative until noon Lexicon A comparative Lexical Study Of Qur'ānic Arabic, followed dictionary comparative words of the Koran to Prof. Dr. Khaled Ismail Ali, They were the first , Reveal for Capacity informed in Specialization flour, and the proportion of languages, and the statement of chronological order. The first dictionary of them in English, Arabic and the second, which is the subject of this research study. This research tries to read some notes cash analytical reading in the light of the comparative approach. Having examined the important observations about the general meaning in the dictionary, Dr. Khaled Ismail, including: - First: select the language affecting the meaning-making year. - Second: the sensory meaning, and abstract sense, industry and the general meaning. - Other observations.

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