The effectiveness of feminist discourse in the Quranic method


Usra K. Housein

Quran through his speech and presentation - Btnoath different - establishes a means of expression achieved by the consistency between units of construction and style , To brighten the windows of a variety of indications exceeding the standard to multiple readings, Broadened significance depending on the shifts in style and diversity of the components of the structure, To give context to the first reference to extrapolate the role of discourse and knowledge Madaha functionally through diversity in the structure of the image , Because of this diversity leaves the images ready and significance of conventional spin that remain in the lexicon millstone, Or remain hostage vision interpreted to conform with the taste and spirit without flying in space image, And beyond the perceived limits of the world; Tstafa image to read the exuberant visions and perceptions, Read involving the character and the word and the context and the receiver together, What makes the Quranic discourse Taatsahir where relationships and compositional formats prepared in advance, Or stomach to unpack specific cognitive or semantic, which cancels thinking and meditation disclosed for the new attitudes that would regulate relations communicative; they approach more than the soul and emotions. Valoslob manner and dimensions that would awaken the self-contained self embodies the aspirations abroad , Which in turn is almost a sense of meaning, including the effectiveness of owned channels raise awareness of the recipient when it turns to the Quranic discourse is aware of significant or audible or imagined or connoisseur depending on the openness of the fields of the senses and its repercussions in the mailing and receiving while Nt oblique images in front of him, Became an impact to make the recipient opens the fields of meditation and interpretation, The Taataalq expressive compositions and overlap, Do not let the viewer determine Alaúgaha restrictions and ties.

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