The condition of reason on the linguistics and syntaxes studies


The Grammarians and linguists stipulated in codification some of grammatical and linguistics issue “The reason mark”, according to their induction to Arab`s speech, and under the influence of juristic and logical studies, such as the jurisprudents that stipulated the obligated (Almukalaf) to be sane to act the ordinances of Islam, the grammarians and linguists stipulated that in some of the derivation and the structures, so I have tried here to trace some of these issues. The jurisprudents definition to “Reason” is different from the grammarians and linguists definition. The jurisprudents meant by sane: “The person who realized the matters, and distinguished the useful things from harmful, and they confined the meaning of (Rational) just on the human. Whereas the grammarians think the (Rational) includes “the rational like the human and Angels, so this definition will contain the mad who lost his mind.

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