Linguistic explanation between creativity and analysis a glimpse in the light of received theory


NSHAT ALI MAHMOOD Deldar Ghafur Hamadameen

The theory of analytical procedure can be considered one of the speech literary theory in recent time for its contribution in giving an addition to the linguistic lesson. This theory of Hans Robert yaws and Volvang Iscor has concentrated on the relation of the text with the addressee (reader) . For this reason Iscor had established for the tentative reader a concept that reforms the text all the abilities for better explanation and it fills all the gaps that prevent or obstacle such clear explanation. Arab linguists have concentrated on the relation of the text to the reader when they clarify the necessity of the exactness of the speech that applies to the necessity of the reader . All the metaphorical expressions are for the service of the text explanation to rise to the level of creativity , so to let the explanation process creative , the one who explains should own all the factors that enable him to reach creativity and if he did not possess such factors and recognize such spaces, this will lead the explanation to the process of weak text analysis with many defects.

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