Faces vulnerable to Arab-Islamic heritage in literature Hausa Haj Abu Bakr to the realization of short stories "model"


A. M. Dr. Rahma Ahmed al-Haj Othman and Abdul Karim Issa sarm

This study investigates the transformation of literary and aesthetic genres from one civilization to another in a global scheme despite their local and national peculiarity; examines the stages through which the story of Hausa underwent—from the naivety of admiration, tradition and imitation to creativity and prosperity. In addition, this study is concerned with the literary works produced by al-Haj Abu Bakr on short stories and how this oeuvre has been influenced by the Arabic-Islamic heritage; first in terms of the usage of Arabic-Islamic models; second in terms of the usage of mechanisms and symbols of that heritage so as to express a similar vision and sometimes contradictive. This, as a matter of fact, suggests that there is a unity of human emotion and thought, in the realm of literary arts

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