Occupation aesthetic evolution of semantic in the Quranic text


Rahmani Zahr Eddine and Qurfat Zina

Language is a list of words and from that they finished whatever abounded, and that the meanings open list is limited, the development of the meanings of words or change and transition showed what is in the evolution of the system of language at all levels; acoustic and morphological and grammatical that are semi-fixed to a large extent, this does not mean that development in the form of words is the reality, but it remains much lower than in the semantic evolution, and this is a common phenomenon in all languages because of social factors and life changes that matched languages impose it. The case of changing the meaning, and the metaphor was the most important influences in the interpretations of the Koran, and were the main sticking points between the teams and schools of thought Quranic; the engaged interpretation of the Qur'an divided into teams, among those in favor of a literal reading of the text of the Qur'an and ather team is flying in the sky of metaphors, so different interpretations of Quranic text .In this Search we discussed this in trying to stand on the aesthetic function of the evolution of semantic words in the Koran, and we are noted semantic developments

Search Language: Arabic


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