The other in the novels of Abdul Rahman Munif


P.H.D.Sulafa Saab Khdeer

Whomonitoredseveralmanifestations , Have hadan important role inArab societyinthe era in whichthey lived .When readingnovelsMunifnoticed thatan important aspect studentsdid not care abouthim (other) ,Whichis often arecipehero andhiscounterpartin the novel ,Munif used his sense ofdelicateturns totheimportant thingsof whichhe made( other ) in some novelsas inanimate or things. And made his human beingsinother novels ,but who tracks (other ) in his novels Whichaffectsthe life ofthe hero andinfluencedby him, The heroin the novel ( the Eastern Mediterranean ) Live aloneinthe darksadscientist; So it wasnecessary to havethe ( other ) inanimate ,Thecaseis similar tothe hero in thenovel(now here) , Inthe dark of his worldin which they livealone ,So it wasthe otherinanimateandsomething different ,asMunifexpert inthe field of petroleumand worked inmany of theoil companies , Making himawareof the economics ofoil ,ownedbecauseof thatunderstandingandchangingthe size ofsensations ,that the oil wealthmade different ofthe structure ofthe ArabGulf societies .

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