Dictionary Quartet refined in Arabic D and Dh Books


A. D. Abdulrahman Al Mutlaq al-Jubouri

This research paper comprises the d and dh books of the Quartet Dictionary reiterated in the Arabic Language . We mean by reiterated quartet is that in a word the first consonant and the third are the same, and the second consonant and the fourth are the same, without being assimilated . the d book consists of sixteen utterances. They are : dada , dabdab , dajdaj , dahdah, dakhdakh , dardar , dasdas , dada , dafdaf , daqdaq , dakdak , daldal , damdam , dandan. The dh book consists of ten utterances . They are : dhadha , dhabdhab , dhahdhah , dhakhdhakh , dhardhar , dhadha , dhafdhaf, dhaqdhaq , dhaldhal , dhamdham .

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