Commitment in the poems of Al-Taff battle in the holly Karbala'a. Al-Kumait Al-Asadi, obaid Allah bin Al hurr Al Ja'afi and Dua'able Al-Khuzaie as sample.


Professor Dr. Ahmed Shakir Ghdhaib

Commitment is Amodern Concept Which the Analy studies have known and they discovered from commitment the level of the poets faith principles which they have believed as defensing and sacrificing. The Battle of Honour in karbala which was known as (Al-Taf) represented a great scream and revolution against a cruel ruler (yazid bin Muaeua) and this revolution was the brilliant light which the revolutioners followed it as an example. The revolution of (AL- Hussain) and his followers was eternal against the cruelity in every region, and it's poets commited by it's cultural line which they believed and this affected by the personality of the grand son of the prophet (Peace and praying be upon him) They were AL-Qumeit bin Zaid AL-Asadi, Duaable bin ali al-khuzai and others as a sample to the commitment which had shown in the structures and images of their poems and by contrast the another had represented out of commitment and been ashamed.

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